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FAM has several investigation services, having experience in the
field of background investigation, conducting interviews, investigation of fraud,
investigation of litigation issues and search of information that,
together with the best of technology, reaches solutions

FAM has the following services:

  • Civil and criminal investigations;
  • Witness location and interviews;
  • Courthouse research;
  • Sworn and recorded statements;
  • Background investigations;
  • Pre-employment screenings;
  • Missing person
  • Skip tracing;
  • Diligent adoption & estate searches;
  • Domestic investigations;
  • Asset investigations and locations;
  • Surveillance;
  • Risk Management;
  • Fraud, investigations and intelligence;
  • GPS installations & tracking.

Here are some examples where our consulting and research services may be useful to your business

Agreements and Contracts;

The FAM team is ready to assist your company in the process of finding documents, declarations and more.


Before hiring a professional for a trusted position, be aware of your civil and criminal history in complete discretion.

New Business;

With our business research and consulting services you have more security to close deals at home or abroad.


Our team has extensive experience in internal and external audits, competitive intelligence to assist your company.